Kwik Brain 084
January 4, 2019     |   1087 VIEWS
How to Release Happy Brain Chemicals with Radha Agrawal

Kwik Brain 084: How to Release Happy Brain Chemicals with Radha Agrawal

"Getting to know yourself so you can find the right people leads to a life of wealth, health and prosperity."
Radha Agrawal

Radha is the co-Founder, CEO and Chief Community Architect of Daybreaker, the early morning dance, and wellness movement that currently holds events in 25 cities and over a dozen college campuses around the world with a community of almost half a million people. She is a successful entrepreneur (Co-Founder THINX, LiveItUp), author, globe-trotting speaker, DJ, inventor, and investor.

Radha was named by MTV as “one of 8 women who will change the world.” Radha lives in Brooklyn NY with her love Eli (a baby on the way) and her twin sister Miki – and lots of family and friends within a few blocks. You can most often find her tinkering with new social experiments, community and experience design projects, speaking around the world, or on the dance floor at Daybreaker in New York City (if she’s not dancing at sunrise in another part of the world.)

Connect with Radha: Website | Instagram | Belong Book

We’re witnessing an epidemic of loneliness in the world at the moment and today’s guest Radha Agrawal is out to change that. As a co-founder of dance movement Daybreak, international speaker and author of the book Belonging, Radha has years of expertise in building social movements that help people to shake off loneliness and become more present in their lives.

We’ve spoken before on the podcast about how our relationships can affect our health and our success, and today we’ll dive a little deeper into this topic. No matter whether we’re isolated or surrounded by community, we can all benefit from Radha’s lessons about getting to know ourselves first so we can better serve others, find our people and create more connected friendships and relationships. The whole point of self-development, after all, is to be able to better connect with others!

Hopefully, this show will help you in your own life to tackle one of the biggest challenges in the world right now: to prioritize community and belonging, and find your people. We are nothing without community and friends.

In this episode, we’ll chat about the brain benefits of dancing, the science of belonging, and how you can boost your brain with endorphins and happy hormones. Radha will tell us about the need to keep our social interactions novel and thoughtful in order to keep up with the constant pull of dopamine rushes coming from social media and technology. We’ll talk about how to break out of loneliness, checking the energy in your life, and the importance of building stronger relationships and friendships.

Show Notes


  • When you dance you’re activating pathways in the brain that might have been lying dormant since you were a child
  • Daybreaker: 500,000 people in 25 states, wake up at 6am before going to work and join a dance floor and performance


  • When you belong it releases endorphins: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin (DOSE)
  • Within your communities do you feel a deep sense of belonging?
  • Phones are casinos in our pockets: have to keep up with how new and sexy phones and technology are in the way we run events and foster connections
  • When we design experiences can we compete with the cell phone by triggering releases of dopamine in the same way your phone does
  • How do you feel a sense of connection? How can we create novel experiences?
  • How we enter and exit a room are the parts of an event we remember (primacy and recency effect)


  • The science behind gathering we’re not thinking about
  • Intentional and thoughtful with each aspect of the gathering experience
  • Within Daybreak: dopamine high from ticking off the accomplishment of getting up early, hug at the door, dancing, music, contact with other people
  • We’re missing the connection in our daily lives: a study showing Americans touch each other once in a conversation, Mexican 180 times in a conversation


  • Dopamine (sense of accomplishment, pleasure): anything you can complete that gives you a sense of accomplishment will give you a rush of dopamine, new and novel experiences
  • Oxytocin: (connection and touch hormone) are you connecting with your friends? How can we connect with our friends more in a way that isn’t sexual?
  • Serotonin (sense of worth, connectedness to a whole): identify 3 things you’re grateful for
  • Endorphins (runner’s high): what are you doing to sweat and release endorphins?


  • Offering a pathway out of loneliness
  • Step 1 is to go inside: gentle self-awareness—what are my values? What am I interested in today? What am I good at? What can I bring to a community?
  • Going inside will help you to be able to go out in the world and find your people
  • Learn who you are aside from what the world wants you to be, other people want you to be
  • If you can’t belong to yourself you can’t belong within the rest of the world
  • By knowing yourself you’re better able to serve others and when you serve others you’re happy
  • The whole point of self-development is to be able to better connect with others


  • Energy is the backbone of humanity—are you walking in with positive energy or negative energy?
  • Who are the 5 people you’re spending your time with? Ask yourself how they’re contributing to the energy in your life


  • The biggest challenge for the world right now is to prioritize community and belonging, find your people
  • Stop prioritizing love, romance, and career path and focus on community and tribe first
  • Getting to know yourself so you can find the right people leads to a life of wealth, health and prosperity
  • We are nothing without community and friends
  • Harvard study: the most important thing for a happy life is relationships

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