Kwik Brain 083
January 4, 2019     |   709 VIEWS
Four Superpowers I Learned from Stan Lee

Kwik Brain 083: Four Superpowers I Learned from Stan Lee

This week’s podcast is a little different—I’ll be remembering Stan Lee and his mindset as an incredible creator that affected billion of individuals.

Stan believed there was a superhero in all of us, so today’s show is all about mental superpowers. Stan left an inspiring legacy and was a living example of a superhuman being. I grew up reading his comics and had the honor of meeting Stan multiple times throughout his life, and was lucky enough to ask him about his favorite superpowers. Stan lived according to his passions for creativity, play and unity and his creative work can serve as a lesson for us in making a vision come to life—taking the invisible, and making it visible.

In today’s podcast, I’ll explain some of the lessons I learned from Stan, and take you through four of Stan’s favorite modern day brain superpowers to help you discover and develop your own so you can make a difference in the world.

Show Notes


  • One person can make a difference
  • Discovering and developing your superpowers so you can make a difference
  • Just having a superpower doesn’t make you a superhero—have to use it to save the day
  • How do you want to be remembered?


  • With great power comes great responsibility!
  • Responsibility to wield it in service
  • With great responsibility comes great power: the ability to makes things right
  • When we take responsibility for what we focus on, what things mean, owning actions mistakes, and being accountable, we find great power
  • You are responsible for what you do and the results you get from it
  • Imagination is more powerful than knowledge
  • Ability to create: taking the invisible and making it visible
  • Unlocking the power of creativity and imagination: everything you see is the result of somebody’s imagination
  • Everything begins in the mind: have a vision, set a standard and create the world the way you want it to be
  • Wayne Dyer: “it’s not you’ll believe it when you see it, it’s you’ll see it when you believe it”
  1. PLAY
  • We grow older because we stop playing
  • If you want to be a fast learner, take a lesson from children—they play all the time and are quick learners
  • Age of mind and heart, not chronological age
  • Stan was an incredibly young person: making jokes, going to events, making playful cameos, telling stories, always learning and playing
  • Not just you searching for your passion—your passion might also be looking for you
  • Having a passion will relate to and determine your mindset
  • Stan was passionate about storytelling, creativity, learning, his wife and unity: mutual love and respect
  • To find your passion, novelty can help along the way to keep things light and interesting: Stan kept a lot of interesting things in his office to stimulate his creativity
  • Stan used his passion for storytelling to make a difference
  • Stan said having the ability to be lucky would be the ultimate superpower
  • Hate is the supervillain, ability to spread love, unity, and hope as Stan did is the ultimate superpower—which the world really needs right now
  • Used his characters (his passion) for his purpose (spreading positive messages)
  • School of the gifted with Professor X: the power of the mind along with challenges
  • How can you use your passion to find your purpose to light up the world?
  • You can become a superhero when you use your powers for good
  • Stan Lee Foundation: to bring entertainment into the classroom
  • Remember: the lives that we lead are the lessons we teach

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