Kwik Brain 057
May 14, 2018     |   1144 VIEWS
Protect Your Brain From EMFs with Dr. Joe Mercola

Kwik Brain 057: Protect Your Brain From EMFs with Dr. Joe Mercola
Do EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) harm your brain? If so, what can I do to protect myself and my family?

Few of us can imagine what it would be like to live without our electrical devices (smartphones, computers, wifi). What does living in a sea of electronics do to our brains? There’s evidence that suggests that EMFs maybe hazardous to our physical and our mental health. Obvious sources of EMFs can come from powerlines, mobile phones, wifi; Pretty much anything that has an electrical current flowing through a wire. But one thing that can set our phones and computers apart from the others is the frequency of use and the close proximity to our brains and bodies.

So what do we do?

Here Dr. Joe Mercola will share some important strategies on how we can detect and protect ourselves from EMFs.

We all know sleep is important, but what the challenge is we don’t realize how important it really is. If you go back to 100 years ago you find less than 2% of the population was sleeping less than 6 hours. Now it is closer to 40%-50%, which has our community running at half speed.

There is a great book called “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker that covers the science of sleep and dreams. (He has an interview at Google that is searchable on YouTube for further information on his work as a neuroscientist.)

But what Matthew doesn’t get into is the importance of deep sleep. As we tend to age the amount of deep sleep decreases.

There is no way you can be an effective biohacker without the right tools, and one of the best tools to monitor the quality of your sleep is with the Oura Ring. The Oura Ring features scientifically validated sleep tracking and personalized guidance based on data from over a million nights and days. It also uses infrared LED, so it doesn’t negatively impact your sleep.

We also must be conscious of keeping our phones on airplane mode if we are also deciding to wear those devices on our bodies; like Apple watches, or FitBits. We don’t want to wear something that is always broadcasting a frequencing onto you.

Two big reasons EMFs can affect our sleep is they can impair your ability to get enough deep sleep and produce enough melatonin.

There are ways to mitigate your home to help you create a neutral zone free of EMFs. One easy way to do that is by turning off the electricity to your bedroom. Ferada Bag is also a wonderful way to protect yourself from EMFs during travel or even your home if you find there is excessive activity in your home. EMF readers can also help you identify this activity and help find ways to eliminate the electric energy that may be harmful.

Most people think that the EMFs are coming from outside sources, but a lot of the issues lie within the home. With that, we have the opportunity to change the way our house is “plugged in”. We can turn off electricity to certain rooms and hardwire certain systems to ground that energy.

What are Dr. Mercola’s feelings towards grounding pads? He expresses that for most people grounding is dangerous, because you are connected to the earth and are essentially working as antenna for EMFs. If you have the luxury of being in an electrically neutral environment it has incredible benefits to your health to work with grounding pads.

How to mitigate the damages from EMFs

  1. Turn off your wifi and hardwire your system.
  2. Keep your cell phone on airplane mode and try not to wear it on your body.
  3. Melatonin – Take 20 minutes before you go to bed.

Find more information about our friend Dr. Joe Mercola at


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