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Kwik Brain 193
September 22, 2020     |     33 VIEWS
Overcoming Fear & Self-Doubt with Lewis Howes
How do you overcome fear & self-doubt? If you have ever asked yourself this question, you are certainly not alone. One of the challenges many of us face is the fear that […]
Kwik Brain 192
August 31, 2020     |     76 VIEWS
Listening with Curiosity with Larry King
How do you become an incredible listener?  Today I’m excited to welcome an extremely special guest, one of my mentors, and legend, Larry King. Larry is recognized worldwide as one of the […]
Kwik Brain 191
August 24, 2020     |     135 VIEWS
Building Mental Toughness with Joe De Sena
How do you develop resilience?  It’s true that it takes grit to accomplish your goals, learn better, and achieve more, but what if you think you don’t have what it takes? On […]
Kwik Brain 190
August 18, 2020     |     114 VIEWS
How to Free Yourself from Opinions with Shelly Lefkoe
How do you stop worrying about what people think? If you are someone who has limited yourself in any area because you worry about other people’s opinions, expectations, or criticisms, this is […]
Kwik Brain 189
August 10, 2020     |     132 VIEWS
The Power of Practice with Jim Kwik
Today’s show is a live podcast recording that I decided to do for the Kwik Community about valuable lessons I’ve learned that have helped improve my quality of life over time.  After […]
Kwik Brain 188
July 27, 2020     |     197 VIEWS
How to Find Passion & Fulfill Your Purpose with Jay Shetty
What does it take to discover your purpose?  If you are struggling to find your passion and fulfill your purpose, this is an episode you can’t afford to miss. We have my […]
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