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May 30, 2019     |   522 VIEWS
5 Minute Brain-Friendly Snacks with Liana Werner-Gray

"I get people to ask themselves: What’s your biggest obstacle when it comes to food?"
Liana Werner-Gray

Liana Werner-Gray is a #1 Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Health Coach, and natural food chef. Born in Australia, she is now based in NYC and is always traveling, teaching, speaking and doing book-signing events. She works once a week as the Health & Nutrition Coach at Complete Wellness NYC.

Today’s question for the Kwik Brain community is how can we make brain-friendly recipes?

I’m excited to welcome today’s guest, Liana Werner-Gray. Liana is the author of three books—Cancer Free with Food, 10 Minute Recipes, and Earth Diet. She’s here to tell how we can make brain-friendly snacks that are both nutritious and delicious for us to eat!

The food we eat matters to our gray matter—no matter how much work we put into our learning, it won’t be effective if our biology is suffering from poor food choices. But we don’t have to overhaul our diet overnight—small changes to your diet, one food at a time, will add up over time and can help you to achieve better health and a brighter brain without disrupting your daily life.

In this conversation, we’ll hear about Liana’s health journey and explain why food is so important to your health. We’ll give you some tips for changing your food habits and take you through a quick brain-friendly chocolate brownie recipe!

Please note, this episode is educational only and is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Please consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns.

Show Notes


  • 10 years of cancer free after ending up in the hospital with a tumor
  • For years ate a terrible diet full of processed foods (e.g. gummy bears, pizza)
  • Had a feeling that her diet caused the tumor that blocked her lymphatic system
  • If our biology is off-tilt, we won’t get the results from learning


  • This recipe helped Liana while healing and helped her to avoid craving
  • Chocolate: cacao powder is a functional food that can be eaten every day as part of a healthy diet
  • Cacao helps release blood flow to the brain: what is good for your mood tends to be good for your health too
  • Cacao contains magnesium, which is good for women especially
  • Liana uses cacao to help when she is working late
  • Book mentioned: Cancer Free with Food


  • Tigernuts have the same amount of protein as red meat, high in potassium
  • 3 ingredients: tigernut flour, cacao powder, sweetener (e.g. monk fruit, stevia, honey)
  • Roll mixture into balls or pat it into a square shape
  • No-bake, but you can bake it for a little while if you wish
  • You can add other ingredients if you want for functional nutrition e.g. sea salt, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, sunflower seed butter


  • Best way to change habits is to take one small step at a time until it adds up
  • Change one food in your diet at a time
  • Liana gets people to ask themselves: What’s your biggest obstacle when it comes to food? What is the food that’s holding you back with your health—is it bread, gluten, meat, chocolate?
  • Brain break habits: hydrating, moving, deep breathing, brain-friendly snacks
  • What you eat matters, especially to your gray matter


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