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May 28, 2019     |   752 VIEWS
Kwik Challenge – What You Appreciate, Appreciates

"If you want to feel truly wealthy, count all the things in your life that money cannot buy."
Jim Kwik
Welcome to Kwik Brain Challenge #10!

In this episode, I’ll be explaining how this challenge will help you to be grateful.

The Kwik Challenge is for people who want to create positive change in their lives—to take the knowledge and turn it into power. Change doesn’t have to be difficult. All habit change starts with simple tiny steps, and before you know it you’ll be heading toward a new destination—the little things will add up to something much bigger!

By doing this challenge, you will:

  • Learn to find gratitude
  • Feel wealthier
  • Achieve more in other parts of your life
  • Relieve stress
  • And more!

Your tenth challenge is simple—express gratitude!


Show Notes


Express gratitude!

  • Each day, ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking more water





  • Remember: you can be standing next to somebody going through the battle of their life, so kindness and gratitude goes a long way
  • People who do gratitude exercises sleep better, have lower blood pressure, higher self-esteem
  • What you appreciate, appreciates
  • What if the only things in your life tomorrow are the things you express gratitude for today (opportunities, people, resources, objects)? Would you live differently?
  • Somebody can have everything and not appreciate it and feel like they have nothing, but somebody can have very little and be so grateful that they feel like they have everything


  1. Express it with people around you
  2. Express it in a journal—writing things down and being able to see it will be helpful. Some people write it on a notecard, put it into a fishbowl and then read it at the end of a year
  • You deserve to feel like you have more than you think you have
  • If you want to feel truly wealthy, count all the things in your life that money cannot buy
  • Train yourself to see the gift in things—what we look for we find
  • We have more than we think we have
  • Where your focus goes, your energy flows
  • What if you start looking for opportunity more? It’s easy to see the negative side of things, but you can rewire your brain to see what’s right.
  • What are you grateful for right now? Write down 3 things you’re grateful for.



Take a photo or video of your efforts to find gratitude, or take a screenshot of this episode, and post it to social media to share your progress with us!

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Use the hashtag #kwikchallenge and tag us on social media: @jimkwik | @kwikbrain



  • Keep trying this challenge each day—it will train your ability to create new habits!
  • This is essential to building a different life—first your create your habits and then your habits create you!
  • If you’re able to create one new habit, what else will you be able to do? Possibilities will open up because you’ll be in the habit of creating empowering habits.
  • Remember: the treasure you seek is found in the task you’re avoiding!
  • Big change come from little changes: consistency compounds—it might feel like a gradual shift, but you’ll soon find yourself in a different destination (we call it a destiny).
  • Don’t forget to go to and join us!


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