Kwik Brain 102
March 22, 2019     |   713 VIEWS
How to Quickly Recall – The 10 Sparketypes

"It’s not how smart you are, it’s how are you smart?"
Jim Kwik
This episode is all about your Kwik Recall!

In order to do this demonstration, I’m going to use 10 Sparketypes from our episode #99 “Finding Work that Lights You Up with Jonathan Fields.”

If you haven’t already listened to our previous episode on Sparketypes with Jonathan Fields, I recommend you go back and listen! You can check it out here!

In this episode, I’ll teach you how you can use visual, auditory, kinesthetic and creative imagination to ignite your memory and remember the list of things you need to recall in your day.

Show Notes

  • To memorize the Sparketypes, we’ll be using a simple mnemonic memory device called a memory palace: we’ll be using places on your body to create a palace
  • This is a 2500-year-old memory technique using places—a different place for each object to remember
  • As Jim teaches, do the exercise with him—to learn something faster you have to visualize it, you have to do it
  • Using visual, auditory, kinesthetic and creative imagination are the keys to a great memory
  • If something seems childish, remember, the fastest learners are children!
  • Remember: information combined with emotion becomes a long-term memory
  • When you teach something, you get to learn it twice!
  • You can use this technique to memorize the Sparketypes backwards and forwards
  • Remember: There’s no such thing as a bad or good memory, there’s just a trained and untrained memory
  • A memory exercise like this improves your creativity, imagination, and strategy
  • Remember: practice makes progress!
  • It’s not how smart you are, it’s how are you smart?




  • Top of your head

To do: touch the top of your head and imagine that you’re making something—whatever comes to mind first!

Sparketype: MAKER


  • Nose

To do: what do you think about when you think about a scientist? Take that and imagining touching it to your nose!

Sparketype: SCIENTIST


  • Mouth

To do: You can try a soundalike here: what does maven sound like? Raven! So imagine putting a raven in your mouth!

Sparketype: MAVEN


  • Ears

To do: What do you think of as essential? How can you connect that using imagery to your ears? Take whatever it is for you and connect it to your ears! (This might be your ears, essential proteins, the book Essentialism, etc…)



  • Larynx (throat)

To do: What comes to mind when you think of a performer? A singer, a particular performer? Imagine whatever comes to mind connected to your throat!

Sparketype: PERFORMER


  • Shoulders

To do: Look to your shoulders and picture whatever comes to mind when you say warrior sitting on each shoulder!

Sparketype: WARRIOR


  • Collarbone

To do: What comes to mind when you hear sage? Imagine how you would use sage—would you make a necklace? Smudge it on your collar?

Sparketype: SAGE


  • Fingers

To do: An advocate stands up for people who can’t do so for themselves—the animals, the environment! Connect whatever comes into your mind to your fingers! (You might imagine swimming with dolphins, or just touching an avocado!)

Sparketype: ADVOCATE


  • Belly

To do: Think about someone that advises you—now imagine them touching your belly! Of course, they would never do that in real life, but the novelty of it will make it memorable!

Sparketype: ADVISOR


  • Seat

To do: What comes to mind when you hear nurturer? Connect it—use your imagination!

Sparketype: NURTURER



Take a screenshot of this episode, tag Jim and let him know what you got from this episode!

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