Kwik Brain 077
November 7, 2018     |   1228 VIEWS
How To Turn Knowledge Into Action

Kwik Brain 077: How To Turn Knowledge Into Action

"You have greatness, you have genius inside of you—let’s make today the day you let it out!"
Jim Kwik
This week’s podcast is all about turning knowledge in action! 

We talk often in the Kwik Brain community about knowledge not being power, but potential power. How can we turn it into true life-changing power? By turning our knowledge into action. 

No matter how good our intentions are, no matter how many podcasts we listen to, self-help books we read, or seminars we attend—our knowledge will mean little unless we can put it into action in our everyday lives. You might know what to do, and know how to do it, but unless you take action, your dreams will remain just that: dreams. If you’ve been putting something off or procrastinating on that big idea of yours, today’s podcast is for you. 

In today’s podcast, I’ll be walking you through 3 quick questions to help you turn knowledge into action. I encourage you to take notes and write your answers down, to help you make today the day you start achieving your full potential.

Show Notes


  • Knowledge is not power—it has the potential to be power, but only becomes power when you apply and use it
  • We want your knowledge to become results—remember: unless you apply what you’re learning, your reading will be shelf-help over self-help
  • Remember: nothing works unless you work, everything changes when you act
  • Why do we put things off, procrastinate?
  • Today we’re going to use questions to point you in the right direction
  • Questions are the answer—when you ask a question, it dictates your focus


  1. How can I use this?
  2. Why must I use this?
  3. When will I use this?


  • While reading or learning, ask yourself all the time: how can I use this information? How can I apply this?
  • Where you put your focus is where your attention and then action will flow
  • Success formula, HQ: head to your heart to your hands—you can have knowledge in your head, but nothing will change unless you use your hands and act
  • The answer to this question will give you the energy to pursue action
  • We’re emotional creatures, so ask yourself why you must do something and you’ll be more likely to get it done! If you can’t think of a reason why you must, chances are you won’t apply it
  • Start With Why by Simon Sinek
  • Consider all the benefits of applying the knowledge
  • Remember: reasons reap results
  • You might be acquiring lots of knowledge, through books, seminars etc, but not achieving potential. One reason for you might be: you want to be congruent with your life!
  • Remember: better well done than well said! Show it to yourself, and your family, rather than telling them!
  • Doesn’t become real until you put it in your calendar
  • Your calendar is an incredible productivity tool!
  • Treat it as time incredibly well invested, and protect that time like you would time with your boss or family—things you wouldn’t compromise on
  • Remember: self-care and self-love are not selfish!
  • Look after yourself first so you’re not seeking validation from others, so you can generate this internally and don’t need outside stimulus to do what you want to do—if you can generate your motivation on your own, you’ll start doing it because it’s who you are


  • Write down the 3 questions we covered in this podcast, screenshot this episode and tag me!
  • Tell me what you would like to apply! What piece of knowledge are you sitting on that you would like to apply to your life?
  • Extra fourth question: How am I going to teach this to somebody else? When you share something, you get to learn it twice. This helps it to become part of you rather than just my words!
  • You have greatness and genius inside of you—let’s make today the day you let it out!

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