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Kwik Brain 137
July 22, 2019     |     291 VIEWS
How to Complain Effectively with Guy Winch
  You might associate complaining with negativity, but when used in the right way, complaints can be a powerful tool to improve our relationships, achieve results and effect meaningful change in the […]
Kwik Brain 136
July 19, 2019     |     297 VIEWS
How to Have Mental Longevity
  The traditional story about aging is that as we age, we slow down, become trapped in our habits, and forget to play. The good news is that we can avoid this, […]
Kwik Brain 135
July 16, 2019     |     500 VIEWS
Kwik Tips to Sleep Better
  How do you master your sleep? When I ask the Kwik Brain community about sleep, I usually get polarized answers—either people sleep great and wake up refreshed, or they really struggle […]
Kwik Brain 134
July 11, 2019     |     272 VIEWS
How to Use Your Power to Get What You Want
You’ve heard me talk before on the show about the myth of knowledge being power—we know that it only becomes power when we use it. So today’s episode is designed to help […]
Kwik Brain 133
July 9, 2019     |     375 VIEWS
Kwik Tips on Mastering Productivity
  How do you master productivity? If you’re feeling like your to-do list is getting too long, that you’re falling behind, can’t maintain focus to get things done, and not sure how […]
Kwik Brain 132
July 5, 2019     |     310 VIEWS
How to Overcome Stress & Relieve Pressure with Jay Shetty
  Today’s guest Jay Shetty is a storyteller, former monk and superhero friend of the podcast. He’s an award-winning host, storyteller, and viral content creator, and his Jay’s viral wisdom videos have […]
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