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Kwik Brain 143
August 14, 2019     |     264 VIEWS
How to Remember Jokes
  Has anyone ever asked if you knew any jokes, and you go blank? How many times have you wanted to remember a joke but you just can’t? It goes in one […]
Kwik Brain 142
August 9, 2019     |     789 VIEWS
What You Should Know About Women’s Brains
  The historical conception that male brains are superior to female brains is finally being overturned—but while there is no difference in our intelligence, there are subtle structural differences in female brains […]
Kwik Brain 141
August 5, 2019     |     258 VIEWS
Little-Known Mental Fitness Exercise
  How can you use math to build your mental fitness? People often talk about wanting to increase their physical fitness—they want to be more flexible, agile, and have more energy, but […]
Kwik Brain 140
August 1, 2019     |     380 VIEWS
How Travel Changes Your Brain
  Can travel make you smarter? It’s a vacation season and we have a special episode for you today!  Traveling boosts your brain more than you think. Whether you’re going on a […]
Kwik Brain 139
July 29, 2019     |     310 VIEWS
How to Get Unstuck & Become Creative
How do you get unstuck? Think about an area of your life where you feel held back. It could be your career, your relationships, your health, or something from your day to […]
Kwik Brain 138
July 25, 2019     |     392 VIEWS
Discovering Your Dominant Question
  The process of thinking is nothing but asking and answering questions. Our thinking changes the shape of our lives, so the questions we ask ourselves matter, whether it’s “how can I […]
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