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April 11, 2017     |     1264 VIEWS
Performance Hacks with Dave Asprey
How do you beat brain fog? In this episode, I chat with Dave Asprey about short-term hacks and long-term lifestyle changes to up your energy and my ‘kwik’ takeaways
Kwik Brain 008
April 5, 2017     |     3376 VIEWS
A Fast and Fun Way to Recall Lots of Information
Many of us need to memorize lists of words – whether they’re names, speeches, or languages. But what’s the best way to do so? In this episode, I teach why you
Kwik Brain 007
March 31, 2017     |     3332 VIEWS
How to Read Faster
Are you overloaded with too much to read in too little time? Do you get more than 10 emails a day? Are there books on your shelf you haven’t read yet? In this episode
Kwik Brain 006
March 30, 2017     |     3015 VIEWS
Remember Everyone’s Name
Have you ever forgotten someone’s name the second a handshake broke? Have you ever recognized someone’s face but couldn’t remember their name? Have you
Kwik Brain 005
March 30, 2017     |     14496 VIEWS
My 10 Favorite Brain Foods
You are what you eat – so how can you have an amazing brain? In this episode, I share the top 10 brain foods I eat every day (with recipes!) – and how to remember
Kwik Brain 004
March 30, 2017     |     10906 VIEWS
Read 1 Book A Week (52 Books A Year)…Without Speed-Reading!
What if you could read one book a week without speed-reading? How much of an advantage could it give you? In this episode, I’ll show you exactly how to read 52 books a year!
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