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August 14, 2017     |     1145 VIEWS
Be A Human Calendar (With This Brain Exercise)
Do you know what day of the week your birthday falls on this year? What about your anniversary or Christmas? In this episode, learn how you can tell this without
Kwik Brain 025
July 28, 2017     |     2284 VIEWS
Sleep Smarter, Faster, and Deeper with Shawn Stevenson
A lack of sleep impairs several cognitive processes – so how can you sleep smarter? In this episode, sleep expert Shawn Stevenson reveals his 3 ‘kwik tips’ to sleeping smarter.
Kwik Brain 024
July 24, 2017     |     1051 VIEWS
Memorize Scripts & Lines Quickly (Hollywood Secrets Part 2)
Have you ever wondered how actors can memorize a movie-length script? In the second half of this two-part episode, I reveal even more “Hollywood Secrets”
Kwik Brain 023
July 21, 2017     |     2847 VIEWS
Memorize Scripts & Lines Fast (Hollywood Secrets Part 1)
Have you ever wondered how actors can memorize a movie-length script? In the first half of this two-part episode, I reveal the “Hollywood Secrets” to memorizing anything word-for-word.
Kwik Brain 022
July 19, 2017     |     1165 VIEWS
How To Calm A Busy Mind (And Prevent Brain Burnout)
How do you calm a busy mind and prevent brain burnout? In this episode, I reveal how you can take a break with tips from Juliet Funt, the CEO of WhiteSpace at Work.
Kwik Brain 021
July 18, 2017     |     1368 VIEWS
How to Listen With Your Whole Brain
How do you become a better listener? In today’s world, communication is more important than ever – but we spend less and less time listening to one other. In this episode
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