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December 1, 2017     |     2702 VIEWS
Get Into Your Creative Flow with Steven Kotler
How can you hack and boost your creativity? The key is to access your flow states – which flow expert Steven Kotler teaches you how to do in this latest Kwik Brain episode.
Kwik Brain 047
November 23, 2017     |     15001 VIEWS
How Gratitude Rewires Your Brain
Gratitude has been scientifically proven to improve your brain and your life. In this episode, I discuss the benefits of gratitude and how you can harness the superpower of thankfulness in your daily life.
Kwik Brain 046
November 23, 2017     |     2647 VIEWS
How To Train Focus & Flow with Steven Kotler
How do you train focus for high performance? In this episode, I talk about focus and flow with New York Times bestselling author Steven Kotler.
Kwik Brain 045
November 8, 2017     |     2303 VIEWS
Improve Your Memory With A Good Night’s Sleep With Dr. Michael Breus
One of the easiest ways to improve your memory is by getting a good night’s sleep. In today’s episode, sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus returns to explain why sleep is so important
Kwik Brain 044
November 7, 2017     |     3293 VIEWS
How to Recall Passwords and Pin Numbers
How do you remember passwords? In this episode, I share 4 techniques you can use to stop constantly forgetting passcodes and pin numbers.
Kwik Brain 043
November 3, 2017     |     1472 VIEWS
The Best Time to Study & Learn
Everybody talks about the ‘what’ or ‘how’ of personal development – but very few people talk about the power of ‘when.’ In this episode, my superhero sleep
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