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May 19, 2017     |     6722 VIEWS
My Morning Routine (How to Jumpstart Your Brain & Day)
How can you jumpstart your brain and day for greater productivity and peace of mind? I’m often asked what my morning routine is – and in this episode, I reveal the answer.
Kwik Brain 015
May 13, 2017     |     3064 VIEWS
How to Create a New Habit with Dr. Fogg
How do you form new habits quickly? Your success is tied in large part to your ability to create positive new behaviors and routines. Learn how to create new habits
Kwik Brain 014
May 9, 2017     |     2960 VIEWS
How to Remember Your DREAMS
Dreams are some of the most interesting experiences of our lives. But have you ever woken up in the morning and forgotten what you dreamt about? In this episode,
Kwik Brain 013
May 1, 2017     |     5937 VIEWS
How to Take Notes for Rapid Recall
There isn’t just a learning curve but a forgetting curve – most of us lose 80% of the information we learn in just 48 hours. But it doesn’t have to be this way! In this episode
Kwik Brain 012
April 25, 2017     |     1471 VIEWS
3 Hacks For Rapid Reading (How To Reduce Subvocalization)
One of the best ways to improve your reading speed and focus is by reducing the supervillain known as subvocalization. In this episode, I give you 3 hacks to do exactly that.
Kwik Brain 011
April 20, 2017     |     2327 VIEWS
How to Memorize & Give A Speech (Without Notes!)
Have you ever wanted to memorize and give a speech…without notes? Learn how to memorize a toast or presentation without rehearsing it 200 times.
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