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July 19, 2018     |     1534 VIEWS
When to Eat for Optimal Brain Function with Max Lugavere
This week’s podcast is all about fasting and genius — and we welcome special guest Max Lugavere! In previous episodes, we’ve talked about brain superfoods and what we should be eating to […]
Kwik Brain 065
July 11, 2018     |     2332 VIEWS
Movements that Boost Brain Performance with Aaron Alexander
This week’s podcast is all about the brain/body connection — and we welcome special guest Aaron Alexander! In today’s show we’ll be addressing the much-talked-about mind/body connection and exploring how optimizing our […]
Kwik Brain 064
July 11, 2018     |     2536 VIEWS
Work Smart – Not Hard
This week’s podcast is all about working smart! A common question from the Kwik Brain community has been how we can not just work harder, but smarter. In our fast-paced world, there’s […]
Kwik Brain 063
June 10, 2018     |     1523 VIEWS
The Power of Questions with Cal Fussman
This week’s podcast is all about the power of questions — and we welcome special guest Cal Fussman!When was the last time you’ve been truly curious? When was the last time you […]
Kwik Brain 062
June 6, 2018     |     1220 VIEWS
What To Eat For Your Brain with Dr. Mark Hyman
This week’s podcast is all about food — and we welcome special guest Mark Hyman MD! Some of you may be eating to maximize athletic performance, meet dietary restrictions, or lose weight, […]
Kwik Brain 061
June 6, 2018     |     1370 VIEWS
Overcoming Reading Fatigue with Michael Breus
This week’s podcast is all about reading and sleep — and we welcome special guest Michael Breus! The most common complaints about reading we hear from our Kwik Brain podcast audience relate […]
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