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Kwik Brain 217
February 15, 2021     |     2374 VIEWS
3 Activities to Mitigate Stress with Dr. Stephanie Estima
How do you handle stress better? Many of us are aware of the harmful effects of chronic stress and the human brain, but today we are going to discuss strategies on how […]
Kwik Brain 216
February 11, 2021     |     151 VIEWS
Fall in Love with Learning
How do you fall in love with learning even more? In this special “Happy Valentine’s Day” episode, I’m going to share with you 3 strategies you can apply to fall in love […]
Kwik Brain 215
February 8, 2021     |     142 VIEWS
Finding Creativity with Nick Onken
How can you change your world with creativity? In this episode, we discuss the healing power of creativity, art, and expression. To discuss this topic, I’m excited to welcome my good friend […]
Kwik Brain 213
January 26, 2021     |     168 VIEWS
Steps to Achieving the Impossible with Steven Kotler
What does it mean to be doing the impossible? If you’re looking to push the limits of your capacity to do what others perceive to be impossible, then this one is for […]
Kwik Brain 212
January 22, 2021     |     171 VIEWS
How to Live a Better & Longer Life with Marta Zaraska
How can we live a better and longer life?  We often get questions from our community about anti-aging, and for centuries, people have wanted to know what it takes to live longer, […]
Kwik Brain 211
January 19, 2021     |     179 VIEWS
Fasting for Better Brain Performance with Dave Asprey
How do you fast for better brain performance?  Today, I’m excited to welcome back our very first guest, Dave Asprey, to the show to talk about fasting for your brain.  Dave is […]
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