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Kwik Brain 173
April 9, 2020     |     149 VIEWS
How to Maintain High Brain Energy with Ben Greenfield
Today’s show is all about having boundless mental energy with special guest Ben Greenfield! Many of us are experiencing slow thinking right now, but there are strategies we can use to access […]
Kwik Brain 172
April 9, 2020     |     174 VIEWS
5 Things I’m Doing During COVID-19
  Today’s show is a recording of a live podcast I hosted for the Kwik community, all about transforming our brains while we are cocooned. For those of you who have heard […]
Kwik Brain 171
March 17, 2020     |     138 VIEWS
How Your Blood Sugar Affects Your Brain with Max Lugavere
How does blood sugar affect your brain? I’m excited about this conversation with Max Lugavere, a respected health and science journalist and best-selling author! If you’ve ever wondered how blood sugar affects […]
Kwik Brain 170
March 13, 2020     |     520 VIEWS
How to Protect Your Brain with Dr. Lisa Mosconi
Today’s show is all about protecting our brains—and we welcome back special guest Lisa Mosconi! In my previous episode with Lisa, we talked about how while there is no such thing as […]
Kwik Brain 169
March 10, 2020     |     123 VIEWS
Leveraging Your Senses to Think Clearly with Aaron Alexander
Today’s show is all about leveraging the power of your senses—and we welcome back special guest Aaron Alexander! An accomplished manual therapist, author, podcast host, and movement coach, Aaron has over a […]
Kwik Brain 168
March 6, 2020     |     197 VIEWS
Activating Learning Mindset with Simon Sinek
Today’s show is all about learning with an infinite mind—and we’re back with special guest Simon Sinek! Simon is an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to […]
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