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Kwik Brain 212
January 22, 2021     |     152 VIEWS
How to Live a Better & Longer Life with Marta Zaraska
How can we live a better and longer life?  We often get questions from our community about anti-aging, and for centuries, people have wanted to know what it takes to live longer, […]
Kwik Brain 211
January 19, 2021     |     158 VIEWS
Fasting for Better Brain Performance with Dave Asprey
How do you fast for better brain performance?  Today, I’m excited to welcome back our very first guest, Dave Asprey, to the show to talk about fasting for your brain.  Dave is […]
Kwik Brain 210
January 12, 2021     |     127 VIEWS
Smart & Simple Financial Goals with Nicole Lapin
Do you need a reboot for your finance in the new year?  “Keep it simple!” is a friendly reminder from my long time friend and dynamic guest for today’s show, Nicole Lapin. […]
Kwik Brain 209
January 8, 2021     |     124 VIEWS
Discovering Courage in Difficult Times with Tana Amen
How do you discover courage in difficult times?  You’ve heard of or maybe even experienced post-traumatic stress, but what about post-traumatic growth? To share her moving story and brand new book, The […]
Kwik Brain 208
December 31, 2020     |     318 VIEWS
10 Things I Learned in 2020
What has 2020 taught us? There is no way we could have known or prepared for the year we’ve had. We are experiencing a very unique moment in history, and with the […]
Kwik Brain 207
December 22, 2020     |     202 VIEWS
Your Food & Mental Health with Dr. Uma Naidoo
How does food affect your mental health?  Now more than ever, people have become more health-conscious about diet and exercise as it pertains to matters like cholesterol, high blood pressure, or weight […]
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