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Kwik Brain 222
March 15, 2021     |     181 VIEWS
How to Regain Your Brain Energy with Dr. Steven Gundry
How can you regain your energy and find that essential vitality that you need to thrive? One of the most common ailments in modern life is feeling like no matter what you […]
Kwik Brain 221
March 9, 2021     |     237 VIEWS
How to Train Your Thoughts & Tame the Hidden Dragons with Dr. Daniel Amen
Can you train your thoughts for a positive mind? Your brain is always eavesdropping on your self-talk. And “now more than ever,” according to today’s incredible guest, Dr. Daniel Amen, “we need […]
Kwik Brain 220
March 5, 2021     |     596 VIEWS
Regulate Your Body to Heal Your Brain with Dr. Mark Hyman
How can you use food to regulate your body, mood and heal your brain?  We are experiencing increasing levels of depression, anxiety, aggression, and divisiveness in our society. While we can attribute […]
Kwik Brain 219
March 1, 2021     |     2071 VIEWS
5 Steps to Clean Up Your Mind with Dr. Caroline Leaf
How do you clean up your mental mess?  One might say a challenging feat, especially when we are facing a global pandemic and bombarded with headlines that enlist fear, overwhelm, and discord.  […]
Kwik Brain 218
February 23, 2021     |     1153 VIEWS
Defeating Self-Doubt & Rejection with Jamie Kern Lima
How do you defeat self-doubt and rejection? I am thrilled to welcome our extraordinary guest, Jamie Kern Lima, to the show to discuss her amazing journey and new book, Believe IT: How […]
Kwik Brain 217
February 15, 2021     |     2417 VIEWS
3 Activities to Mitigate Stress with Dr. Stephanie Estima
How do you handle stress better? Many of us are aware of the harmful effects of chronic stress and the human brain, but today we are going to discuss strategies on how […]
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