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Kwik Brain 044
November 7, 2017     |     3139 VIEWS
How to Recall Passwords and Pin Numbers
How do you remember passwords? In this episode, I share 4 techniques you can use to stop constantly forgetting passcodes and pin numbers.
Kwik Brain 043
November 3, 2017     |     1227 VIEWS
The Best Time to Study & Learn
Everybody talks about the ‘what’ or ‘how’ of personal development – but very few people talk about the power of ‘when.’ In this episode, my superhero sleep
Kwik Brain 042
October 25, 2017     |     1182 VIEWS
How to Solve Problems & Make Better Decisions Fast
We all have to solve problems in life – but very few of us have a process for doing so. In this episode, I share a technique you can use for both group discussion
Kwik Brain 041
October 19, 2017     |     895 VIEWS
The 5 Ways to Organize Information
How do you understand something? How do you organize information in a way that makes it memorable and comprehensive so you can better assimilate it? In this episode,
Kwik Brain 040
October 11, 2017     |     1696 VIEWS
How To Stay Focused (And Fix A Wandering Mind)
How do you focus and tame a wandering mind? In this episode, I share a lesson from our 30-day Kwik Focus Blueprint on setting up your environment to trigger a focus state.
Kwik Brain 039
October 10, 2017     |     2547 VIEWS
Wipe Out Negative Thoughts & Limiting Beliefs
How do you reduce negative self-talk? In this episode, New York Times bestselling author Nick Ortner shows us how to transform the thoughts in our heads via tapping.
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