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Kwik Brain 187
July 20, 2020     |     206 VIEWS
Miracle Mindset with JJ Virgin
How do you access the miracle mindset? I’m excited to welcome an extraordinary guest and friend, JJ Virgin, to the show. JJ is a celebrity Nutrition Expert, Fitness Hall of Famer, and […]
Kwik Brain 186
July 13, 2020     |     137 VIEWS
Optimal Flow State with Steven Kotler
How do you achieve the optimal flow state?  Today we welcome our extraordinary guest, New York Times bestselling author and award-winning journalist, Steven Kotler. Steven is one of the world’s leading experts […]
Kwik Brain 185
July 6, 2020     |     141 VIEWS
Activating Brain Plasticity with Tom Bilyeu
What is the only belief that matters?  Today we are in for a special treat as we welcome Tom Bilyeu to the show. Tom is a serial entrepreneur, thought leader, and co-founder […]
Kwik Brain 184
June 30, 2020     |     145 VIEWS
Mindset of Champions with Dr. Jeff Spencer
How do you attain the mindset of a champion?  Today we welcome my friend and mindset coach, Dr. Jeff Spencer. Jeff is an author, Olympian, and Cornerman to some of the world’s […]
Kwik Brain 183
June 22, 2020     |     394 VIEWS
How to Have Limitless Energy with Shawn Stevenson
How can you achieve limitless energy?  So many people want to know what it takes to maintain good energy levels, but like I always say, energy is not something you have; it’s […]
Kwik Brain 182
June 15, 2020     |     594 VIEWS
Tiny Habits to Change Your Life with Dr. BJ Fogg
How can you use tiny habits to change your life? Today we welcome back a very special guest, BJ Fogg—New York Times bestselling author of one of my favorite books, Tiny Habits. […]
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