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Kwik Brain 234
June 7, 2021     |     168 VIEWS
Brain Foods for Beating Depression & Anxiety with Dr. Drew Ramsey
How do you eat to beat depression and anxiety? Today, I want to have a very timely conversation about brain foods and mental health. The last year has been difficult in so […]
Kwik Brain 233
May 31, 2021     |     87 VIEWS
5 Keys to Limitless Creativity
How do you unlock your creative magic? You’ve heard me say this before, but I believe the future belongs to the creatives. We live in a world where things are being automated, […]
Kwik Brain 232
May 24, 2021     |     229 VIEWS
How to Sleep for Peak Mental Performance with Dr. Shane Creado
How do you sleep for peak learning performance? When it comes to sleep, trying harder isn’t likely to yield positive results. Trying wakes the brain up, where sleep is the most vulnerable […]
Kwik Brain 231
May 17, 2021     |     503 VIEWS
The Secret to Using Your Whole Brain with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor
What is the secret to unlocking whole brain living? You’ve probably heard me say, “When you know how your brain works, then you can work your brain.” You have an incredible gift […]
Kwik Brain 230
May 11, 2021     |     137 VIEWS
How to Create a Positive Peer Group with Jon Levy
How do you create your own positive peer group? There are many aspects that go into optimizing your brain health. A good brain diet, sleep, reducing and managing stress. But there’s one […]
Kwik Brain 229
May 3, 2021     |     183 VIEWS
How to Breathe for Optimal Brain Performance with James Nestor
What are the best ways to breathe for optimal brain performance? Breathing affects everything in your life, from your focus, concentration, mental energy, vitality, immune system, and so much more. Yet, you […]
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