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Kwik Brain 241
July 26, 2021     |     31 VIEWS
A Simple Hack to Boost Recall & Form New Habits
Is there a simple trick to help you boost recall and form new long-term habits? All learning is state-dependent. This is something you’ve probably heard me say before. But what does that […]
Kwik Brain 240
July 19, 2021     |     76 VIEWS
How to Recover for Better Performance with Miesha Tate
How can you use recovery not only to bounce back but bounce forward? There’s a formula to success: Reaching, recovering, and repeating. A lot of times, the focus is on the first […]
Kwik Brain 239
July 12, 2021     |     92 VIEWS
Building Mental Toughness with Miesha Tate
How do you build mental toughness? The world can often be a difficult place, and sometimes it can feel like it’s against you. Which is why it’s even more important to build […]
Kwik Brain 238
July 6, 2021     |     112 VIEWS
How to Win the Next Six Months
What are the steps to win the next six months? These last six months have been challenging for many, but one step in another direction can completely change your destination. No matter […]
Kwik Brain 237
June 29, 2021     |     110 VIEWS
Steps to Level Up Your Skills to Reach Your Goal with Ron Friedman
What are the scientific steps to improving your skills to reach your goals? Once you’ve identified your goal, the next action is to narrow the gap between where you are and where […]
Kwik Brain 236
June 22, 2021     |     235 VIEWS
Four Pillars of Stress Management with Dr. David Rabin
Can technology help you reduce stress and anxiety in your life? This is a question that comes a lot in the Kwik Brain Universe. So if you’ve ever wanted to know how […]
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