Kwik Brain 130
July 5, 2019     |     596 VIEWS
A Fail-Safe Tip to Creating a Habit with Ryan Levesque
  Today’s question is: how can we use micro commitment to change our lives? We all seek change in our lives in one form or another—whether we want to improve our parenting, […]
Kwik Brain 129
July 1, 2019     |     720 VIEWS
Top 3 Kwik Tips to Master Your Habits
  Today’s show is all about mastering your habits—and we welcome back special guests BJ Fogg, Tara Mackey, and James Clear. We talk often on the podcast about the impact habits have […]
Kwik Brain 128
June 27, 2019     |     547 VIEWS
Activating Your Brain for a Rich Life with Ramit Sethi
  Today’s show is all about activating your brain for a rich life, and we welcome special guest Ramit Sethi! Ramit Sethi is the author of the New York Times bestseller ‘I […]
Kwik Brain 127
June 27, 2019     |     1118 VIEWS
5 Brain Damaging Foods You Need to Avoid with Liana Werner-Gray
  Today’s question for the Kwik Brain community is: what are the top 5 foods we should be avoiding? I’m excited to welcome back today’s guest, Liana Werner-Gray. Liana is the author […]
Kwik Brain 126
June 27, 2019     |     524 VIEWS
Healing Emotional Wounds with Guy Winch
  This week’s podcast is all about healing emotional wounds — and we welcome back special guest Dr. Guy Winch! Emotional wounds—no matter where they have come from—can linger and affect our […]
Kwik Brain 125
June 27, 2019     |     564 VIEWS
How to Make Better Choices with Ryan Levesque
Today’s question is: how can we make better choices? Our life is a reflection of our choices we’ve made up to this point—including what we choose to eat, who we’re spending time […]
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