Kwik Brain 069
August 16, 2018     |     1809 VIEWS
Activating Your Second Brain with Naveen Jain
This week’s podcast is all about activating your second brain— and we welcome back special guest Naveen Jain! Just how important is our second brain—our gut? How much does our gut influence […]
Kwik Brain 068
August 7, 2018     |     1108 VIEWS
Productivity VS. Effectiveness with Ari Meisel
This week’s podcast is all about productivity— and we welcome special guest Ari Meisel! Modern life is so busy that we all feel like we’re continually hustling yet still falling behind. We […]
Kwik Brain 067
August 7, 2018     |     11896 VIEWS
How to QUIET Your Mind “Kwikly”
This week’s podcast is all about learning to quiet your mind quickly—no matter what life throws at you. How do I calm and quiet my mind? This is a common question we […]
Kwik Brain 066
July 19, 2018     |     1410 VIEWS
When to Eat for Optimal Brain Function with Max Lugavere
This week’s podcast is all about fasting and genius — and we welcome special guest Max Lugavere! In previous episodes, we’ve talked about brain superfoods and what we should be eating to […]
Kwik Brain 065
July 11, 2018     |     2228 VIEWS
Movements that Boost Brain Performance with Aaron Alexander
This week’s podcast is all about the brain/body connection — and we welcome special guest Aaron Alexander! In today’s show we’ll be addressing the much-talked-about mind/body connection and exploring how optimizing our […]
Kwik Brain 064
July 11, 2018     |     2053 VIEWS
Work Smart – Not Hard
This week’s podcast is all about working smart! A common question from the Kwik Brain community has been how we can not just work harder, but smarter. In our fast-paced world, there’s […]
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