Kwik Brain 075
November 7, 2018     |     723 VIEWS
Understanding Habit Triggers with James Clear
This week’s podcast is all about the power of habit—and we welcome special guest James Clear!  All of us have habits we want to change for the better. I’m excited about today’s […]
Kwik Brain 074
October 12, 2018     |     1154 VIEWS
7 Steps to Healthy Brain with Dr. Daniel Amen
This week’s podcast is all about building a healthy brain—and we welcome special guest Dr. Daniel Amen! This is the first part of a special three-part Kwik Brain series with Daniel, where […]
Kwik Brain 073
October 12, 2018     |     788 VIEWS
Steps to Getting a Shredded Mind with Dr. Stephanie Estima
This week’s podcast is all about building a ‘shredded’ superfit mind—and we welcome special guest Stephanie Estima!  How can we get a shredded mind? How can we achieve a shredded body? The […]
Kwik Brain 072
October 12, 2018     |     1216 VIEWS
How to Grow from Your Mistakes
This week’s podcast is all about dealing with mistakes—this is going to be such an important topic you’ll want to take notes and listen more than once! When we’re in the immediate […]
Kwik Brain 071
September 27, 2018     |     754 VIEWS
How to be Unforgettable with Jordan Harbinger
This week’s podcast is all about remaining unforgettable with other people— and we welcome special guest Jordan Harbinger! In this show, we’ll be diving into interpersonal relationships, cultivating a personal brand and […]
Kwik Brain 070
August 16, 2018     |     1238 VIEWS
Amplify Your Effectiveness with Ari Meisel
This week’s podcast is all about the best productivity tools— and we welcome back special guest Ari Meisel! Modern life is so busy that we all feel like we’re constantly hustling yet […]
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