Free Brain Training by Jim Kwik: How to Learn Faster & Remember Names

Jim’s training is incredible. I read faster because of Jim. I have a better memory because of him. LOVE his stuff. Get his course. It will change your life in ways you cannot imagine.


Brendon Burchard, Personal Development and Marketing Trainer, New York Times Bestselling Author

Jim makes it easy, fast, and efficient. So then you can say to yourself, I can learn anything that I need to learn.

Brian Tracy, Chairman of Brian Tracy International, Bestselling Author

There is no one that I trust more than Jim Kwik and his programs to optimize brain functioning.


Dr. Daniel Amen, New York Times Bestselling Author, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life”

I was in a presentation, and I followed the LOCI method to remember the most important parts of the presentation without any guide. People in the meeting were surprised to see how I remembered all those important facts for the presentation.

Andres, Bogotá, Colombia

This past semester in school I was able to remember things much more effectively from my reading and from lectures and it translated directly to my testing results. And I no longer have problems remembering names of people that I’ve just met.

Kelvin Sanders, San Jose, CA

I remembered every person’s name by the end of a large meeting. I remembered every thing on the grocery list, although I forgot to bring the list!

Mary, Thunder Bay, Canada

My team was reading a report which was generated after an incident. I had speed-read the report, quite way ahead of my team members and was in a dreamy state when my manager looked at me in a stern manner, asking, “Why are you not reading the report?” That was the moment I told him proudly I had finished it.

Alvin, Singapore

Organic Chemistry. I was able to put the “list of 20” hook method to use and memorize reaction mechanisms. I’m still in organic chemistry now and knowing the basic reactions helps tremendously. I feel that I’m able to retain more information and pay more attention in lecture as well, even when I’m not consciously using the recall methods. Seems like my overall memory has improved!

Jeffrey Lee, Kent, WA

I am a teacher. Learning my students’ names at the beginning of the year has always been something I’ve struggled with. Using your tips for remembering names, I am able to learn students’ names much faster!!! It’s so important for developing connections with my students.

Lee, Townsville, Australia

I was happy to be in an environment of like-minded people, wanting to learn and explore our human potential for growth, understanding, and knowledge. I was happy how Jim shared his own personal stories and showed how things applied in everyday life. Felt like I really was meeting him and sharing the journey. Loved all of the different methods to remember and felt good when I was successful with the assignments.

Georgina Ingram, Deep Bay, Canada

The biggest gain I have from the Kwik Recall and Kwik Reading is that I now have the belief that I can have a good memory. It’s a matter of learning how to remember better. I used to have problems finding my car. I would walk around the parking lot for over an hour. I now can find my car easily. I also used to have problems remembering names and faces. I now can remember names of people I’ve just met without much effort. Knowing that my memory will continue to be OK as long as I work on it gives me so much confidence.

Cindia Chau-Boon, Unionville, Canada

Studying has become much easier and quicker using the processes discussed in the course. I’m also much better at remembering names.

Jordan Lohf, Davenport, IA

I was able to remember nearly 95% percent of the material I needed to study for my anatomy test in college.

Israel, Dallas, TX

I feel like I am much more of a whole brain thinker! I’ve started teaching myself to be more ambidextrous in daily life. I am better at looking at every situation from multiple points of view and using my different ‘thinking hats’ to make decisions.

Jack Andrews, Columbia, MO

The methods are so simple to use and practice and it’s a shame we don’t study this at school but thanks to people like Kwik, we get a second chance!

Adi, Rishon LeZion, Israel

The most important thing the training gave me was confidence – confidence that even though I had MS my brain was still working and I was capable of so much!

Fionna Fenner, Tamworth, Australia

Because I’m dyslectic, it was very difficult to focus for a decent period of time on reading without falling asleep. Now I can read for long periods of time with great intensity and comprehension. Not to mention my reading speed increased drastically!

Oleksiy Chokov, Bruges, Belgium

I am now actually reading the books that are on my bookshelves – a new thing for me and which was another thing that appealed to me about the speed reading class. From starting the reading course last year I finished my first novel in May, which was the first novel that I’d read in more than 20 years. And by the end of the year, I read a total of 13 novels and renewed my passion for reading. At the end of last year, I decided to add non-fiction as well and came up with a goal for this year to read 1 non-fiction plus 2-3 fiction books as well per month. I am thrilled to say that last night I finished my 21st book since the first of this year (2014). It’s a wonderful sense of accomplishment and I’m enjoying it so much.

Caren, Rochester, NY

I am a bookkeeper and have a lot of passwords to remember for different clients. I have improved incredibly since taking this course. I rarely have to refer back to my list anymore.

Marisa Szoke, Mountain Creek, Australia