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Kwik Brain 025: Sleep Smarter, Faster, and Deeper with Shawn Stevenson

A lack of sleep impairs several cognitive processes – so how can you sleep smarter? In this episode, sleep expert Shawn Stevenson reveals his 3 ‘kwik tips’ to sleeping smarter.

Kwik Brain 024: Memorize Scripts & Lines Quickly (Hollywood Secrets Part 2)

Have you ever wondered how actors can memorize a movie-length script? In the second half of this two-part episode, I reveal even more “Hollywood Secrets”

Kwik Brain 023: Memorize Scripts & Lines Fast (Hollywood Secrets Part 1)

Have you ever wondered how actors can memorize a movie-length script? In the first half of this two-part episode, I reveal the “Hollywood Secrets” to memorizing anything word-for-word.

Kwik Brain 022: How To Calm A Busy Mind (And Prevent Brain Burnout)

How do you calm a busy mind and prevent brain burnout? In this episode, I reveal how you can take a break with tips from Juliet Funt, the CEO of WhiteSpace at Work.

Kwik Brain 021: How to Listen With Your Whole Brain

How do you become a better listener? In today’s world, communication is more important than ever – but we spend less and less time listening to one other. In this episode

Kwik Brain 020: Hacking Flow for Faster Learning with Steven Kotler

If you want to learn and memorize better, you need to get into a flow state – but how do you do that? Find out with the leading expert on human performance: Steven Kotler.

Kwik Brain 019: Speed Study Secrets

What’s the best way to study? In this episode, I reveal my secrets to cut studying time while getting better results by studying smart, not just hard. Whether you’re

Kwik Brain 018: Fast Focus & Productivity with Julia Roy

How can you stay focused in the face of all the distractions of our digital age? Julia Roy is a personal trainer for productivity who takes a brain-based approach to getting it

Kwik Brain 017: How to Break Bad Habits That Hold You Back

Last week, I spoke with Stanford behavior scientist and habits expert Dr. BJ Fogg on how to create a habit. In this episode, I discuss how to break the bad habits that hold you back.

Kwik Brain 015: How to Create a New Habit with Dr. Fogg

How do you form new habits quickly? Your success is tied in large part to your ability to create positive new behaviors and routines. Learn how to create new habits