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Kwik Brain 035: Super Charge Your Brain & Life with Brendon Burchard (Part 1)

How do you supercharge your brain and your life? In the first episode of our 3-part series with high performance expert Brendon Burchard, we reveal the first 3 of the 10

Kwik Brain 034: Learn Vocabulary Faster (Memorize Words In Seconds)

The words we use influence the way we interpret and explain the world around us. In this episode, I teach you a simple way you can memorize 10 words a day in 10 minutes.

Kwik Brain 033: Developing Grit with Olympian Dr. Jeff Spencer

What is grit? How do you develop it? What is its importance in your goal achievement? In this episode, I discuss the answers to these questions with returning guest and Olympian

Kwik Brain 032: 4 Keys to Genius

What are the keys to genius? In this episode, I reveal the 4 Gs that can help you achieve your genius.

Kwik Brain 031: The Champion’s Mindset with Olympian Dr. Jeff Spencer

What is the mindset for success, and how do champions achieve it? In this episode, I discuss the answer to these questions with Dr. Jeff Spencer, Olympian and cornerman to the stars.

Kwik Brain 030: End Negative Self-Talk (Like Magic)

How do you end negative self-talk? In this episode, I reveal 4 simple steps you can use to dramatically reduce the negative self-talk that holds you back.

Kwik Brain 029: Goals Done RIGHT with Olympian Dr. Jeff Spencer

How do you apply your mind to a goal? How do you achieve a goal? How do you know if it’s the right goal? In this episode, I reveal how you can answer those questions with

Kwik Brain 028: Boost Your Reading Comprehension (And Retain More)

One of the most common questions I’m asked is about reading comprehension: how can I boost my understanding of what I read? In this episode

Kwik Brain 027: How To Sleep (Even) Smarter – Q&A With Shawn Stevenson

How do you sleep even smarter? In this episode, we brought back sleep expert Shawn Stevenson to answer your burning questions about sleep.

Kwik Brain 026: Be A Human Calendar (With This Brain Exercise)

Do you know what day of the week your birthday falls on this year? What about your anniversary or Christmas? In this episode, learn how you can tell this without