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The Motivation Manifesto

The Motivation Manifesto is a poetic and powerful call to reclaim our lives and find our own personal freedom. It’s a triumphant work that transcends the title, lifting the reader from mere motivation into a soaringly purposeful and meaningful life. I love this book

The Charge

This book reveals how you can feel more alive, productive and fulfilled in a chaotic world by mastering the very drives that make you most human and happy.

Man’s Search For Meaning

This book illustrates that it’s not our circumstances but the decisions we make that diminish or develop us.

The Magic Of Thinking Big

With this book, you’ll learn how changing the way you think can become a blueprint for great success.

Change Your Brain Change Your Life

Dr. Daniel Amen is one of the leading brain health experts out there – and in this book, you’ll see why.

7 Habit’s of Highly Effective People

This personal development classic is a classic for a reason – read around the world by those who want to transform both their personal

Start With Why

If you follow my work, you’ve heard it before: one of the best ways to ensure you complete a goal is to get clear on why it matters.

High Performance Habits

Brendon Burchard is coach to some of the highest-achieving people on the planet. In this book, he doesn’t just distill their success into 6 habits they all follow – he also explains why they work and how to implement them.

Manifesting Your Greatest Self

Tapping on yourself seems crazy at first, but this relaxation technique has done wonders for my own anxiety around public speaking.

Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen

As the founder of luxury concierge company Bluefish, Steve Sims has helped his clients fulfill some of their wildest dreams

Online Training

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Kwik Recall

Remember playing the game Memory when you were a kid? It was always a lot of fun. Kwik Recall is just as engaging, but with more successful results. This course provides you with the tools and strategies you need to reach optimal memory proficiency.

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Kwik Reading

Kwik Reading helps you improve the four key elements of reading: speed, focus, comprehension, and retention. Once you streamline this major part of your workload, you’ll discover you have more hours in the day.

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Kwik Student

Kwik Student teaches you to hone the same advanced techniques we teach to Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. Focus on sharpening your memory, learning, and reading abilities with this streamlined and affordable course.

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Kwik Thinking

Kwik Thinking teaches you the exact steps to thinking smarter and faster. Make decisions more confidently, overcome your limits (both personal and professional), and maximize your success in all aspects of your life.

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