Month: March 2017

Kwik Brain 007: How to Read Faster

Are you overloaded with too much to read in too little time? Do you get more than 10 emails a day? Are there books on your shelf you haven’t read yet? In this episode

Kwik Brain 006: Remember Everyone’s Name

Have you ever forgotten someone’s name the second a handshake broke? Have you ever recognized someone’s face but couldn’t remember their name? Have you

Kwik Brain 005: My 10 Favorite Brain Foods

You are what you eat – so how can you have an amazing brain? In this episode, I share the top 10 brain foods I eat every day (with recipes!) – and how to remember

Kwik Brain 004: Read 1 Book A Week (52 Books A Year)…Without Speed-Reading!

What if you could read one book a week without speed-reading? How much of an advantage could it give you? In this episode, I’ll show you exactly how to read 52 books a year!

Kwik Brain 003: 10 Keys to Unlock Optimal Brain Health

How often do you work on your mental fitness? In this episode, I give you the exact tools you need to get your brain in shape.

Kwik Brain 002: Improve Your Memory Now

Do you feel like you are absent-minded? Are senior moments coming a little bit early? In this episode, you’ll learn how to activate your Kwik Brain with the mother of all memory techniques.

Kwik Brain 001: Learn ANYTHING Faster

Wouldn’t you LOVE to learn any language or skill faster? How much easier would your life be? In this episode, I show you my four-step process to accelerate your learning of any topic.